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infinity Lesson Booking

Can anyone book onto a lesson or course?
Yes, we have a wide range of lessons and courses available to suit all abilities.
Can I make bookings online?

Yes, booking can be made online 24 hours a day via the infinity Swim Academy home portal.

Can I make bookings at the centre or by telephone?

No at this current time.

Still, have some doubts???
Click on the below link we will be happy to help you.

Still, have some doubts???
Click on the below link we will be happy to help you.


Do you have an easy way to pay for my lessons or course?

-Yes, we have three simple options of payment which include:

Direct Debit- 12 equal monthly payments that are debited from your account on the 1st of each month, you will pay for the first month in advance. If you start mid-month, we ask for a pro rata (part) payment, depending on the time of month you join. In addition, you will pay your 30 Day Cancellation period upfront which calculates as 1 month. This direct Debit option will be available from December on.

The benefit of direct debit is that you don’t have to worry about rebooking or your child or losing their place, as your child will be on the class continuously. That said, there’s no contract you can cancel the payment at any time.

Annual payment- This is a one-off payment which covers your child’s lessons for the whole year. Annual customers receive a discount. Please note that there is no refund available if you decide to discontinue lessons part way through the year.

Block payment- Pay for 8 weeks of lessons from the day you join. You will receive reminder communication when you are required to repay or top-up. Please note you will need to repay before the start of your last lesson. Refunds or credits are not given for lessons missed through illness or holidays.

What if I want to change my payment option?

If you are paying via the block payment option, you have the option to change payment methods when you are coming to the end of your 8-week cycle.

If you are a direct debit customer, this can be completed during block repayment weeks. It’s a good idea to cancel your direct debit a month beforehand – as you pay in advance, that month’s lessons will still be paid for.

The same applies if you pay annually.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot guarantee places on the programme if you change payment options.

What if I wish to cancel?

We do not wish to see you leave us, but if you are thinking of leaving us please speak to the Lessons and Courses lead initially to discuss the reason behind your decision, there may be a resolution. If there is no resolution and you still wish to continue then follow the below steps depending on your payment option:

Block payments: you will have paid for 8 lessons unless you repay you will automatically be removed from the register.

Direct debit: Please email  to cancel your direct debit with the pupils name and membership number plus date of birth.

Annual: Please email to cancel your direct debit with the pupils’ name and membership number as well as the reason for leaving.

What if my lesson is cancelled, will I be charged?

If a lesson is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, you will not be charged for that lesson.  There are methods in place depending on your payment type:

For annual and block paying customers, we will credit your account for lost time – you’ll receive the credit upon your next booking.

For direct debits, we will credit the associated bank account – please speak to infinity Swim Academy crew.  Please note all credits are at the discretion of the infinity Swim Academy Manager.

Still, have some doubts???
Click on the below link we will be happy to help you.

Medical Conditions and Classes

What if my child has a medical condition?

We ensure to maintain equality within infinity Swim Academy, part of the registration requires you to declare if you or your child has a medical condition. If uncertain please speak your GP prior to booking for any of the swim classes at infinity Swim Academy or at infinity SATORI wellness centre.

Can I watch my child from the pool side?

No, you can get access to watch your child from the viewing room or waiting room.

What is the infinity swim academy complaints procedure?

You can provide a comment or complaint directly to a member of our staff or via emailing All feedback will be replied to by member of staff. You should receive a response in writing within 5 working days.

Do I need to be a member to attend one of your classes?

No. You simply need to register and pay the rate for the class online through the infinity Swim Academy home portal.

What level are your fitness classes?

We offer a wide range of classes to suit all abilities.

General Questions

What do we need to bring to my lesson or course?

Lots of enthusiasm! Swim Wear, Goggles, Swim Hat, Bottle of Water to keep hydrated, Towel, Snack for after Shower gel / shampoo, and money for Hair Dryers (20p. IN the colder months a warm coat and hat for after.

Our changing facilities are small so reminder is to pack light.

Do you offer private tuition?

No, we do not offer this private tuition. This may change in the future.  Please see social media / mail-chimp for updates.

Will an Instructor be in the water with the kids?

The instructor will make a choice on whether or not either themselves as an assistant instructor will be required in the water. This decision will be made on a class to class basis depending on ability of the class.

Are the sessions mixed?

We aim to ensure that we accommodate all participants’ needs and abilities.

What is the teacher pupil ratio in each class?

Our classes whether they are in the swimming pool or in one of our dry side activities coincide with the respected National Governing Bodies for teacher pupil ratio; this gives pupils the chance to interact with one another and gives the teacher quality time with each pupil to develop their individual needs. Ratios may vary slightly between different levels and age groups.

What if I have an issue/complaint regarding my Lessons and Courses?

Firstly please speak to the Manager at infinity Swim Academy centre to see if the issue can be resolved immediately, or please email

Do you run adult swimming lessons?

Yes of course! We offer a wide range of lessons to suit any ability.

Still, have some doubts???
Click on the below link we will be happy to help you.

Can I still get access to swimming pools outside my lessons?

No infinity Swim Academy is set up as a programmed session, if you have not registered for a course at infinity Swim Academy you cannot access the pool.

Do you offer lane swimming?

We offer lane swimming as part of our programmed sessions. We offer a wide variety of pool programmed sessions to suit.  Please check infinity Swim academy pool programme to see which sessions will suit you best.

What temperatures is your pool?

This does vary, ask one of the team at your centre for the temperature.

What are your swimming pool rules?
  1. Shower Before entering the pool
  2. Running on the poolside not permitted.
  3. No jumping or diving (unsupervised) in the shallow end of the main pool
  4. No T-shirts permitted in the water except with permission.
  5. Face masks, large goggles, snorkels, flippers, hard paddles except when advise by teacher/coach.
  6. Lane-ropes may be used for training purposes – patrons should not interfere with lane ropes.
  7. No tolerance for rowdiness and boisterous behavior.
  8. The entire building is a no-smoking area.

Think safety, Swim safely.

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