Children’s Lessons

What should I know before I book children's lessons?                        

infinity Swim Academy’s mission is to develop “learn to swim” to its full potential; resulting in all participants learning to swim and gaining water safety knowledge through the safest and most enjoyable swimming lessons.

‘Learn to Swim’ at infinity Swim Academy
infinity Swim Academy offers swimming lessons through the Swim Ireland ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme, an all-inclusive approach taking your child from their first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water in an enjoyable and safe environment which is in line with the long term athlete programme.

As you and we know we are all individual and we learn at different rates.  At infinity Swim Academy our approach to teaching is tailored to the individual and all courses are based on progressive learning.  As the child learns they advance through the swim levels.  There is no set time for each level to be achieved, this will depend on your child's individual progression through the syllabus set out by our national body Swim Ireland.

Why chose to swim at infinity Swim Academy?
Infinity swims academy welcome and teaches children of all ages and abilities.
All infinity Swim Academy instructors are friendly and fully qualified.
infinity Swim Academy class sizes follow the Swim Ireland recommendations
Badges and Certificates are awarded on the completion of each level with progressive learning the main focus.

‘learn to swim’ from any age
Your child’s journey through aquatics starts with a programme for developing early-years water confidence, encouraged through sessions such as ‘parent &toddler’ and pre-school sessions.

Important to us is the development of the child's basic motor skills with an introduction to water and the swimming environment taught through fun and games.

If you or your child has swum before its best to book an Assessment to assess the level at which you should start at.
Levels 1-8

These stages take your child through Fundamental Movement and are based on developing skills, movement in the water, and most of all having fun.  Once your child proves their competency within each syllabus they will progress to the next level

Swim Ireland Level 1

  • Understanding of basic pool rules
  • Pick up objects from the bottom of the pool in shallow water
  • Enter and exit the pool safely without support
  • Using a board/aid float on back unassisted
  • Bob up and down repeatedly, submerging body & blow bubbles through nose & mouth
  • Roll 180 degrees from front to back then regain feet
  • Kick on front unsupported
  • Kick on back with aid unsupported

Swim Ireland Level 2

  • Understanding of basic pool rules
  • Pick up objects from the bottom of the pool in shallow water
  • Enter & exit pool safely without assistance
  • Using a board/aid float on back unassisted
  • Bob up and down repeatedly, submerging body and blow bubbles through nose and mouth
  • Roll 180 degrees from front to back then regain feet
  • Kick on front with aid unassisted
  • Kick on back with aid unassisted

Swim Ireland Level 3

  • From a standing position swim through a submerged hoop
  • Safe pool entry from a standing and sitting position
  • Demonstrate a floating position on front and back for 10 seconds
  • Push off wall and slide on front and back then regain feet
  • Demonstrate rotary breathing – show head turning to the side to breath
  • Rotate 360 degrees without touching the pool floor
  • Demonstrate a freestyle arm action with a board for 5m
  • Demonstrate a backstroke arm action with a board for 5m

Swim Ireland Level 4

  • Using an aid tread water using a cycle kicking action and a breastroke type leg action for 20 seconds
  • Demonstrate a handstand from the bottom of the pool
  • Demonstrate a sitting dive and glide
  • From a floating position swim through submerged hoop
  • Push and glide on front and back holding glide for 2m
  • Swim 5m freestyle breathing to the side
  • Swim 5m backstroke tummy up
  • Swim 5m ‘froggy’ arms
  • Kick on front and back with board for 10m

Swim Ireland Level 5

  • Demonstrate a forward somersault from a standing position
  • Demonstrate a kneeling dive
  • Demonstrate 3 different floating positions
  • Demonstrate a good push off from the wall on front and kick in a streamlined position for 5m
  • Demonstrate understanding of bi-lateral breathing
  • Swim 10m freestyle breathing to one the side
  • Swim 10m backstroke keeping head still
  • Swim 10m on front showing breastroke type actions
  • Kick on front and back for 15m with no support

Swim Ireland Level 6

  • Tread water for 15 seconds keeping the head clear of the water and then swim 15m
  • Surface dive and retrieve an object from the pool floor in deep water
  • Demonstrate a kneeling dive and swim out
  • Demonstrate a good push off with streamlining, on front and back from good starting position
  • Scull 10m on the front in a forward direction
  • Swim 2 x 15m freestyle showing good technique and breathing without stopping
  • Swim 2 x 15m backstroke showing good technique without stopping
  • Using a kickboard kick 2 x 15m breaststroke
  • Kick 10m arms by side using a butterfly style undulating action
  • Swim 4 x 10m each of freestyle and backstroke without stopping

Swim Ireland Level 7

  • Demonstrate life jacket use/survival position ie. H.E.L.P
  • Demonstrate a front somersault from floating position
  • Demonstrate a crouching dive
  • Using a pull buoy scull 15m on front head first and feet first
  • Swim 25m freestyle with good technique
  • Swim 15m breastroke with correct timing
  • Attempt butterfly arms and legs together for 5m
  • Tread water attempting eggbeater kick for 45 seconds then swim 25m
  • Swim 50m using 2 different strokes holding good technique, attempting turns

Swim Ireland Level 8

  • Demonstrate a standing dive into deep water
  • Demonstrate a good push, glide and streamline on front and back: hold and kick under water for 5m
  • Using a pull buoy scull 15m on front and back head first and feet first
  • Swim 50m f/s demonstrating good rhythm & breathing
  • Swim 50m backstroke demonstrating good rhythm and breathing
  • Swim 25m breastroke attempting pull out and regular breathing
  • Swim 10m using a butterfly action
  • Using a kickboard kick 4 x 25m freestyle and backstroke
  • Pull 25m freestyle using a pull buoy
  • Swim 100m using 2 different strokes holding good technique and turns without stopping

Beyond Level 8
These stages are called the Fundamental Sport Skills. They are discipline-specific and build on the swimming skills learned in Stages 1-8. They have been developed with the grass roots programmes of the individual sports so are great if your child wants to take up competitive swimming, open water swimming, club level swimming, water polo, synchro, or diving the opportunities are here for them at infinity Swim Academy.   Further information:

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infinity MASTERS CLUB 



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